To introduce a new generation to the art of hand embroidery, the 250-year-old French textiles manufacturing company DMC launched a consumer-facing brand called Commonthread.

We started our research by hosting gatherings and crafting parties to uncover areas of potential fusion between the timeless art of needlework and the modern-day maker.  It helped us to understand that although lifestyles change, there will always be a desire to create and make things and share. 


We applied our research by developing a direct to consumer strategy that would give the modern maker new crafting kits coupled with exclusive content that they could unlock with the purchase of a kit.  

We discovered an ancient craft from Japan called Kumihimo.  We developed an artisitc version of the Kumihimo tool to pair with the DMC Floss, and created friendship making bracelet kits.

All of the products were developed to generate new uses for DMC products.  Each product included a customer journey designed to engage the modern maker, offering them a fun experience for making something one of a kind, learning and sharing their work.

Our Wooden Embroidery Card Kit Became A Favorite Of Martha Stewart