We believe in the transformative power of collaboration, art, design, and culture. It is our unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of iconic moments and celebrating diverse histories that drives our team's work. Recently, we had the opportunity to be part of the "Hip Hop IS Black History" event, where our creative expertise came together to create a celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop. 

Ice-T Honors Mayor Eric Adams as the first Hip Hop Mayor

Setting the Stage for Cultural Celebration:

Having recently designed and built the Universal Hip Hop Museums exhibit, The Revolution of Hip Hop, when Legends Recordings, Beats Rhymes and Relief, and The Brand Liaison approached us to design and fabricate the pop-up space for "Hip Hop IS Black History," we were inspired by their mission to honor 50 years of Hip Hop and its profound influence on Black history. It was a chance for us to contribute our creative talents to an event that celebrated culture, social justice, and the power of art.

Immersive Art Installations: A Tapestry of Stories:

In collaboration with Beats Rhymes & Relief, we embarked on a journey to create immersive art installations that told the stories of Hip Hop's trailblazers. We worked hand in hand with artists like Joe Conzo, DJ Jazzy Jay, and Michael Murphy to seamlessly merge their artistic vision with the overall ambiance of the event. Our aim was to transport attendees into a world where they could appreciate the impact of Hip Hop while engaging with thought-provoking and visually stunning installations.

A Custom Award Reflecting Hip Hop's Legacy:

One of the highlights of our collaboration was the opportunity to design a custom award presented by the iconic Ice-T to Mayor Eric Adams. This recognition of Mayor Adams as the first Hip Hop Mayor and his unwavering support for endeavors like the Universal Hip Hop Museum was a pivotal moment for both the event and our team. Crafting an award that symbolized the essence of Hip Hop's legacy was a responsibility we took to heart, ensuring it reflected the significance of the occasion.

Beyond the visual elements of the event. We worked with the team to curate every aspect of the pop-up space, from the fashion and beauty brands at DA MARKET to the captivating performances on DA MUSIC STAGE. By infusing each element with the spirit of collaboration and cultural celebration, we aimed to create an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Our dedication to fostering connections, showcasing talent, and celebrating the rich tapestry of Hip Hop culture was at the core of every decision we made.

Embracing Cultural Milestones:

The event took place during Black History which made the installation even more meaningful.

Collaborating with Legends Recordings, Beats Rhymes and Relief,  allowed us to contribute our expertise in creating awe-inspiring moments that celebrate diverse histories. We are humbled by the opportunity to be part of projects like these, where we can combine our passion for design, art, and culture to leave a lasting impact.


At Collab, our work is centered around collaboration, art, design, and the celebration of cultural milestones. Our experience with the "Hip Hop IS Black History" event allowed us to join forces with visionary partners, bringing the essence of Hip Hop's impact on Black history to life through immersive installations and meaningful experiences. We remain dedicated to crafting unforgettable moments that pay homage to iconic cultures and stories, and we look forward to embarking on new collaborative journeys that amplify the power of art and design.


Hip Hop 50 Lyric Garden
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